Sustainability Strategy

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ROSSETI strives for sustainable growth, balance of interests between business and society, reasonable management of economic, environmental and social issues

The key areas of the Company’s activities in the area of sustainable development are defined by the Long-Term Development Program and the Policy on Society, Customer, and Government Relations and are adjusted based on regular dialog with stakeholders.



Consultations at customer service centers (receipt of requests for services, provision of reference information, and receipt of complaints) and via hotlines

Disclosure of information on Портал-ТП.рф and corporate websites of the Group’s entities

Publications in the media

Territorial grid organizations

Joint activities (within the Noncommercial Partnership of Territorial Power Grid Organizations)

Roundtables of the All-Russian Forum on Network Connection “Accessible Networks”

Federal and regional authorities

Roundtables of the State Duma

Parliament hearings

Conferences and forums

Shareholders and investors

Implementation of the Plan of IR Events

Regular meetings with shareholders and investors

Annual and social reports publication

Disclosures on the Company’s website and newswires

Conference calls following the publication of the IFRS results

Communications on the hotline


Implementation of the corporate personnel training system

Face-to-face meetings between the Company’s management and employees

Corporate events

Corporate media

Internal portal of the Company

Corporate social programs

Manufacturers of electrical equipment

Negotiations and meetings

Publications in the media

Competitive purchases

Conferences and forums

International partners and organizations

Joint implementation of social projects

Negotiations and meetings

Publications in the foreign media

Conferences and forums

General public

Distribution of information on the Company’s and SDCs’ websites

Publications in the media

Social media (Facebook, VK, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)

Advice from media centers

Exchange of views

Business breakfasts

Public events