Social Responsibility

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ROSSETI realizes its responsibility for its business partners, employees and society as a whole. Absolute priority for the Company in social responsibility is to secure a reliable and uninterrupted power supply.

Responsibility to Customers

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The ROSSETI Group strives to build up long-term customer relations, providing high-quality services and tracking customer satisfaction. Customer relations are essential to ROSSETI’s sustainability strategy. The Company’s priorities in this area are responsibility, transparency, and customer focus. The government, public organizations, and other stakeholders are involved in seeking a balance between the interests of the ROSSETI Group and customers in securing an affordable and reliable electricity supply.

Via all channels of communication with customers (face-to-face inquiries, remote inquiries by telephone or on the Internet), the ROSSETI Group received 4.5 million inquiries in 2016, or 5% more than in 2015. The number of quality complaints decreased.

Subjects of Customer Inquiries

Changes in Inquiries in 2012–2016

Changes in the Number of Customer Service Offices and Face-to-Face Inquiries in 2012–2016

One of the ROSSETI Group’s major services is network connection, i.e. the actual connection of power-receiving equipment, power generation facilities, and electric grid facilities owned by grid organizations and other persons.

Changes in Network Connection in 2012–2016, pcs.

Society Relations

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As the industry’s leader, the ROSSETI Group strives to take an active part in the life of society. ROSSETI and SDCs implement a wide range of social and charity programs and pursue active youth policies.

ROSSETI views human resources as an essential asset of the Company. As a socially responsible employer, ROSSETI strives to create all conditions for safe work, professional growth, and career development. The Personnel and Social Policy is aimed at supporting and developing personnel and creating a positive image of ROSSETI among potential employees, customers, and partners.

The staff on the payroll of ROSSETI’s electric grid subsidiaries in 2016 remained the same as in 2015 at 216,000 people.

Personnel of the ROSSETI Group by Occupational Category and by Gender

Personnel of the ROSSETI Group by Age

Personnel of the ROSSETI Group by Educational Level

Average Monthly Pay in the Electric Grid Sector, thousand rubles